BATTLE OF 100 DAYS: Trump Enthralls Pennsylvania Crowd

Bullish Trump renews his battle with the ‘incompetent’ media as he mocks ‘boring’ White House Correspondents’ Dinner he snubbed and boasts that his First 100 Days rally attracted ‘much better people’

  • Donald Trump held rally commemorating his first 100 days in office in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Saturday
  • He spoke to nearly 10,000 people and claimed to have broken ‘the all-time record’ for the arena
  • Mocked the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, which was held at the same time in Washington
  • Elite reporters, Trump claimed, ‘would love to be with us’ but were ‘trapped at the dinner, which will be very, very boring’
  • He said the political media ‘deserves a very, very big, fat fat failing grade’ for its coverage of his first 100 days
  • Vice President Mike Pence warmed up the crowd and blamed ‘left-wing activists and their willing allies in the media’ for ‘ignoring the facts and spreading that fake news’
  • Trump blasted Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and said if Democrats ‘knew what the hell they were doing’ they would approve funding for his border wall

HARRISBURG, Pa. (by David Martosko, U.S. Political Editor for–President Donald Trump renewed his fierce battle with the nation’s political press corps on Saturday night while America’s journalistic upper-crust were feting themselves at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington. Read more from Daily Mail UK here.


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